Toyota Headlights Causing You Problems?

How to Replace a Headlight Bulb (Toyota Corolla and Others)

The small and almost insignificant parts and pieces of a vehicle, like your Toyota Corolla, can often add up and prove to be actually quite important. Though some parts may not be key or crucial to the operation of the vehicle, necessarily, there is always a reason a certain part or piece is installed. While not being the ultimate reason a car starts and runs, some parts are there for other reasons. For example, one reason a part may be installed is for safety, and not just for yourself, but for others around you as well.

Toyota Headlights Causing You Problems?
Toyota Headlights Causing You Problems?

One of these particular safety parts is your headlights. Though seemingly unimportant, headlights are actually extremely important for the road. Obviously, headlights allow you to see in the dark, essentially making driving a 24-hour possibility, but they are also there for communicating to other drivers around. When driving on a road at night, especially the back roads and country roads, headlights communicate to other drivers heading in your direction, that you are headed in theirs.
Headlights are important, but what if one of your headlight bulbs goes out? Here is a quick and easy guide, to help you get your Toyota Corolla, or whatever Toyota you may be driving, back to blinking with both headlights.
• First, as with all DIY projects, gather the supplies you will need for the project at hand. In this particular case, you should only need the replacement headlight bulb. You can probably pick up the appropriate bulb at your local auto parts store, before beginning the project.
• Next, prepare your car by making sure it is in park, and the open the hood.
• After opening the hood, you should notice in the back of the headlight that is out, a connector jutting out. To access the headlight bulb, you will need to push down on the connector, in order to unplug the wiring. For the unconnected portion, rotate it counter clockwise to find the bulb.
• Once the headlight bulb is showing, and is ready be removed, then start the removal process. To do this, you must twist the bulb, counterclockwise, to unscrew it from the electrical connector. You should now have everything ready for the installation process.
• Carefully, pull out the new headlight bulb from its box, and screw it into the vacant socket, counter clockwise. Just to reiterate, though, it is very important for you to handle the headlight Bulb with care. They can break extremely easily. Pro Tip: Dirt and grease, even your fingerprint, can lead to uneven heating and expansion of the bulb while in use, and the bulb could explode. Use clean rubber gloves to install the new bulb in the socket. Lacking gloves, alcohol wipes are very good for removing dirt and grease from the bulb before installation and testing.
• After putting the new bulb in, check the headlights to see if they are both working. If the one that was out continues to be out, bring your Toyota Camry to a mechanic to check for any problems in the electrical system. If after checking your headlights, and they are both working correctly, then you are good to go!
Your headlights are very important in keeping your driving lifestyle safe. When a headlight bulb goes out, do not just ignore it. Seeing where you are going on the road is clearly your number one priority while driving, and keeping your headlights working makes sure that happens no matter what time it is. So if and when your headlight bulbs go out, follow this guide, and you will be back to lighting up the world, on your many driving adventures.

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