Toyota Cabin Filter Keeps Dust, Pollen, and Bugs at Bay

How to Replace a Dirty Toyota Cabin Filter

Keeping your lungs healthy and clean can be a part of your regular car maintenance. How so? Well in your modern Toyota there is a device called the Cabin Air Filter, which is specifically designed to filter out all the dust pollutants and particles that sneak into your cabin from the outside. Though it may seem like a small thing, the cabin air filter can ensure that your vehicle stays a great place to breathe and drive in.

The fact that it is a filter, though, implies that eventually it will need to be replaced with a new one. A good mileage basis, for knowing when it should be replaced, is around 10,000 miles, but this may depend on whether you live in a dusty area or whether or not you’re in pollen season. When you are headed to replace your Toyota cabin filter, be sure to follow these simple steps, I order to completely the replacement process quickly and easily.

First, you will need to gather the necessary tools and parts for the project at hand. In this case, you will need just a Phillips head screw driver and the replacement filter. You can buy your specific Toyota cabin filter online or at any auto parts store. Paper filters are great for dust, pollen, and particles, while carbon filters help to combat odors, such as exhaust and smoke.

  • Once you have your Phillips head screw driver and replacement filter, the second step involves getting inside your car’s cabin. You will want to open your glove compartment, all of the way, and then look in the bottom right for a screw. Go ahead and unscrew it. You will then want to remove the loop from the arm, that the screw was holding in. If you drive a Toyota Highlander, the screw is actually underneath and behind the glove compartment, so you might be able to pull the loop off the arm without actually taking the screw off.
  • After pulling the loop off, squeeze the sides of the glove compartment together, to press the tabs past the dash. You should now be able to lift and pull the whole glove compartment out of the dash.
  • With the glove compartment out of the way, you will now see the cabin air filter compartment. Flip the two latches holding the compartment closed and slide the cabin air filter out. Be sure to hold it upright the whole time, so that debris does not fall into the fan or on the floor.
  • Now that the old cabin air filter is out, go ahead and unbox and unbag the new one. Follow the arrow that points up, by installing it upwards. Once it’s back in the right position, the compartment lid should snap shut, with the tabs closing around it.
  • Your cabin air filter is now successfully installed, follow the process backwards to reinstall the glove compartment. You may need to push the sides of the compartment in to get the tabs past the dash again. Then reinsert the screw after attaching the loop back to the glove compartment arm.

Replacing a Toyota cabin filter is a DIY project that almost anyone can accomplish. As long as you have access to your glove compartment, you can make sure your car’s air is breathable and fresh for your many travels ahead.

Photo credit: Ryan Gsell via / CC BY

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