Replace an Inside Door Handle

How to Replace an Inside Door Handle (Toyota Corolla & Others)

Oh, Snap! You opened the door just like any other time, and suddenly, the inside door handle of your Toyota Corolla is nothing more than a loose piece of expensive plastic. When this happens, fear could shoot through your bones as money signs taunt your imagination. This fear may be a little misplaced, though, as the expense and time needed for replacing your Toyota Corolla’s inside door handle can be a lot less than you might expect. Take a look at our easy to follow step-by-step guide to replace your inside door handle.

  • First of all, you need to buy the necessary parts and tools to handle the task at hand. The tools needed for this project includes: multiple screwdrivers, pliers, a utility knife, the new inside door handle, and new screws (if the old ones are broken, lost, or rusted).
  • Once you have the materials for the project, you can begin as soon as you want. The first step for replacing the inside door handle of your Corolla is by removing the inner door panel. To do this, you must first try to take off the arm rest, which is most likely held on by a few snaps. Simply pry back on it with a screwdriver, until it pops free. Wrapping the screwdriver with tape can help to prevent scratches.
  • Once you’ve taken that off, you should see two screws behind it. Unscrew those two screws, and then make sure not to lose them. You will also want to remove the screw that’s inside the handle compartment.
  • After removing hose three screws, the door panel is ready to be removed. You can take it off by snapping the whole thing slowly and carefully, off. Make sure you lift over and around the locking mechanism, and not pull it too far away from the wires that are attached to it.
  • You should now get the new inside door handle for your Toyota Corolla ready. It will need to be attached to the L-shaped metal piece that is sitting where the old handle was located. There will be a plastic attachment located either on the L-shaped metal piece or you can find the new one that comes with the handle. This piece will sit in between the new handle and the L-shaped metal piece in the door.
  • The next step is to attach the new handle to the section the old one was originally. The L-shaped metal piece will have a tip that gets inserted inside the new handle. This tip will have the plastic piece, mentioned before, buffering itself between the two entities. For attaching the new handle and the L-shaped metal piece, you may need to use pliers to fit the handle in correctly.
  • After the handle has been attached to the metal piece, you must ensure it can fit inside the panel completely. It should fit snugly within the panel.
  • You are now ready to reinstall the door panel to the door itself. Make sure all the inner parts of the door match up with the panel, then start pressing the panel into the door.
  • Once it’s snapped into place, you can test the handle and it should work like the original one did. Reattach the three screws and replace the arm rest, and you are done!

As you can see, the steps for replacing your Toyota Corolla’s inside door handle are few and simple. If you follow the steps closely, and are willing to delve into your door, this project can be a rewarding and inexpensive fix.

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