Brand Spankin' New Toyota Corolla - Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Toyota Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Car washes are a dime a dozen. When driving down any main drag, you often can see a car wash, whether it be on its own or combined with a gas station. Car washes can be extremely convenient, considering that all you have to do is bring your Toyota in, and let the car wash take care of the rest. Some of you even wash your own car. What often happens, though, is car owners keep the outside of their car clean, but let the inside go. While keeping the outside of your Toyota nice and shiny is important, keeping the interior clean is important, too. You would be surprised to see what taking a little time to clean the interior can do, to make your car feel new again. Here is an easy guide for you to follow in cleaning the upholstery of your Toyota.

  • First, in order to make sure the surfaces are completely cleaned, you must clear them of all trash and other unnecessary items. Taking a moment to get the clutter out of your car can be a great stress reliever and also allows you to make your car 100% spotless. Remember, you can scrub all you want, but if you have items and trash floating around your seats, floorboards, and cup holders, your Toyota will never look or feel clean.
  • Second, take a damp rag and apply it to plastic and vinyl surfaces. Using a damp rag on the dashboard and cup holders regularly will keep your vehicle from becoming overwhelmingly dirty. You won’t realize how much dust has built up on your dash until you go at it with a rag. You might even see a change in color!
  • Third, when working on your upholstery, you will need to follow different tactics of care, depending on the material.
    • For cloth seats, using a vacuum with a detachable hose can really help in keeping your vehicle maintained. Always start from the highest point of the seat and work your way down, so that particles don’t fall onto already vacuumed portions. Then use the vacuum on the floor to clean up there as well. Don’t forget to clean the mats and below the mats as well. If the mats are not a cloth material, then you can probably take them inside and wash them down, especially if you or a passenger had spilled something sticky on them.
    • For leather seats, you will need to use a specific cleaning product made for leather. Most products come with instructions, whether the product is for regular maintenance or for spills. It is vital that you follow the instructions carefully and don’t use just any cleaner, as you could harm the seats as opposed to cleaning them.

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle is just as important as cleaning the exterior. You clean the exterior to both keep up the vehicles beauty but it also can help keep up the vehicles maintenance. Cleaning the interior of your Toyota doesn’t take as long as you might think, and it can go a long way in keeping your life less cluttered. Most of us practically live in our cars, and just as you keep a regular schedule of light and deep cleanings of the house you live in, so you should do with your car. Set up an interior cleaning schedule, stick to it, and you will be riding in a car that’s pleasing to look at both outside and inside.

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