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How to Replace a Toyota Camry Engine Air Filter

Replacing a Toyota Camry engine air filter is an extremely simple process. And even though it’s simple, this task has an incredible effect on the health of your Camry’s engine health—a periodic filter change can yield up to 20% improvement in fuel economy! Learn how easy it really is with the following 5-step guide.

Air Filter

Why You Should Replace the Engine Air Filter in your Camry

For an internal combustion engine to work, there has to be a specific mixture of oxygen and fuel. To get the oxygen, the engine simply intakes air from the outside environment. The air filter keeps all of the dirt, dust, and air pollutants out of the engine so that it can perform consistently and stay healthy.

If the air filter is doing it’s intended purpose, it will become dirty and clogged. When this happens, the engine has trouble with the intake of oxygen, and must use more fuel to “suck” in more air.

A simple changing of an air filter annually is an easy and effective way to increase the longevity, power, and economy of your Camry.

How to Replace a Toyota Camry Engine Air Filter

1. Locate the Engine Air Filter Box


For most Toyota Camry’s, and every model produced between the years 2002–2006, the air filter box is located in the right of the engine compartment, behind the battery.

2. Remove the Lid of the Engine Air Filter Box


To remove the lid of the air filter box, simply unscrew the bolts that hold it on.

You will need at least a wrench, but a ratchet will make this process much easier, as the bolts are difficult to access as a result of the tight space in the engine compartment.

3. Take Out the Old Engine Air Filter


Take the old filter out of the air box.

The filter easily snaps out of its housing. Be careful not to shake any debris into the air intake of the car, because it can enter the cylinders of the engine and possibly damage the engine.

4. Insert the New Air Filter


Just like taking the old air filter out, the new engine air filter goes into the air box in a similar fashion.

Snap the new air filter into the air box housing and make sure the seal is tight.

5. Replace the Lid of the Engine Air Filter Box

Lastly, replace the air box cover by tightening the bolts that were originally holding the lid on. Inspect the area to make sure there is nothing missing or place wrong.

While you’re under the bonnet, it doesn’t hurt to clean and dust the area, as dirt and grime have adverse effects on machinery.

Replacing Your Toyota Camry Engine Air Filter is Complete

Now you’re vehicle can breathe easy, and your wallet can feel heavy with the gas savings!

This simple, yet effective, piece of car maintenance should definitely be on your list of car DIY, along with changing the oil, monitoring tire pressure, and changing coolant fluid.

For a video on replacing your Toyota Camry engine air filter, watch below.

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