Toyota Corolla Engine Mount

Replace Engine Mount (Toyota Corolla 2000-2007)

If you look under your hood and notice your Toyota Corolla has a wearing or cracked engine mount, don’t just shrug it off. It’s important, that if you see a damaged mount or that the engine moves around a lot, you should replace it as soon as possible. Does this mean you have to bring your Toyota Corolla into the shop and have a mechanic charge you for the parts and labor that goes into replacing an engine mount? No! This job is something that any brave DIYer can tackle with flying colors. So grab your DIY gear and let’s get started.

  • To begin, you need to buy the replacement engine mount for your Corolla. You can normally order this online or get it from a dealer. Once you have the replacement mount, make sure you have the necessary tools to remove the old one and install the new one. The tools you will need are: a metric socket set, a powerful breaker bar, a jack, jack stands, gloves, and some elbow grease.
  • To get started, pop open the hood and find the front engine mount. You probably have already found and seen it, especially because you had already known it was damaged. Either way, the mount is located on the left side of your vehicle, and has four bolts that will be needing removed before you can take the mount assembly out.
  • The first bolt you will need to remove, is the large 17 mm bolt that is directly on top of the mount. This bolt is especially tight, so you will need to use the breaker bar to snap it free. Once putting in the effort to break it free, remove the bolt and check the engine. If you can stick a rebar in the metal frame that is attached to the engine and wiggle the engine while putting the pressure on the front portion of your vehicle, then you know the engine is free from the mount.
  • The next step is to remove the smaller bolt located on the farthest left portion of the mount frame. It is a smaller bolt of 12 mm and should be relatively easy to break free.
  • The last two bolts to remove are the larger 14 mm. Once you remove them the mount should be free of all bolts. The mount will still be tight, for two reasons. One: you may need to loosen the power steering tube that is draped across the mount. Two: the engine must be jacked up to remove the pressure on the mount.
  • To remove the pressure from the power steering tube, simply remove the small bolt located towards the front of the vehicle, that is holding the assembly down.
  • To remove the engine’s weight from the mount, put your jack under the left side of the engine, and carefully jack up. You do not want to jack it up too much, but just enough for the engine to lift off the mount. Use a block of wood to protect the oil pan from damage and jack stands as needed.
  • Once all the pressure is off the mount, you simply need to wiggle the part out of the metal maze.
  • Now that the old mount is removed, install the new mount, reversing the removal process carefully and safely.

Working on parts that literally hold up your Toyota Corolla’s engine can seem daunting at first. If you follow these steps carefully, however, your engine will be back to its former snug and secure self, in no time.

Image by Peter Finn via YouTube

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